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Top Rated Contact Management Platform

Email Campaigns and Communication

Stay Connected with ​your Members

MemberTech's ​cost-effective and user-friendly ​email campaign module is designed for communication specialists looking to create and send high-quality online newsletters, bulletins, and messages and analyze and report campaign results quickly and easily.

The Email Campaign System You've Been Looking For

  • Design and deliver email campaigns in minutes — not days or weeks
  • Tap into real-time information on your campaign anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule and send thousands of messages, bulletins, or e-newsletters in minutes
  • Analyze results instantly

The Results You Want

Email campaigns are a cost-effective way to stay connected to your customers and a proven way to increase awareness and sales. Email newsletters are a quick, practical, and measurable way to optimize customer communications and marketing.

  • Expand your reach and contact frequency
  • Streamline your communications process
  • Respond faster
  • Obtain feedback instantly

Types of Messages

Memeber Newsletters & Bulletins:

A great way to connect with customers on new programs, products, services and to communicate other important information about your organization.

Employee Newsletters & Bulletins:

Connect with employees on new programs, products or services and communicate other important information about what is going on in your organization.

Email Campaigns:

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to market new programs, products or services and to communicate other important information to your customers.

Event Notifications & Announcements:

Email event notifications and announcements to your customers and prospects, track RSVPs and ensure all your events are a success.

Press & Media Releases:

Design and dispatch professional press releases with the click of a button to all your media contacts.

Usage Stats

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