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Glossaries and Languages

Globalization is the process of designing and developing an application that supports localized user interfaces and regional data for users in multiple cultures. This information includes the writing system, calendars in use, date and time formatting conventions, numeric and currency conventions, and sorting rules.

Localization is the process of translating an application's resources into localized versions for each culture that the application will support.

InSite supports both globalization and localization in its management information systems.

How Does It Work?

You can configure each individual user account so that the text in your system is displayed in a specific language by default. If a user's account is not configured for a specific language, then the system will select a default language based on his or her web browser settings. (Every web browser contains language settings that communicate your language preferences to a web server.) Your users can change this default setting, or toggle between the available language modules by clicking on a Language setting option at the bottom of the page.

Build Your Own Glossaries

  • Document terminology for your business or industry.
  • Build and categorize the glossary of technical terms used by your organization.
  • Publish and share lexicons between departments and team members.

Manage Your Own Translations

  • Edit the labels for elements in the user interface for your system (e.g., input fields, page titles, menus, dialog boxes, error messages).
  • Search for the occurrence of specific text in any language to determine where it appears in your system.
  • Update the lexicon for your application without the need for programming.

Adding New Languages

If our system cannot find an entry in its dictionary for a term used by your solution — in your language of choise — then it creates a new entry for you, including an annotation to remind your team (and ours) that translation for that term is needed. This has two key benefits:

  1. When new components are added to your system (e.g., input fields, screens, reports), InSite automatically creates action items for the translation team so that no one has to comb through every part of the system to identify terms that are not yet translated.
  2. Support for languages other than the default (French and English) can be added easily, should the need arise to do so. For example, if you configure your web browser to have a default preference for Spanish, and then you walk through each of the screens in your system, the translation module is populated automatically with action items for a Spanish translator.

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