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5. Training

5.1 Customer Training

Q. What is InSite's training and knowledge transfer process?

InSite is a highly user-friendly application where the need for training is set at a minimum. We use your first campaign message as the starting point to get you comfortable using the system. Once this first campaign is posted, most customers are comfortable enough to continue using the system independently, sometimes referring to online help files. Formal day training sessions can also be set up (on site) to train licensed administrative users.

Q. What training is included in the "base" offering?

We will train licensed administrative users via web seminar to set up your first campaign message.

Q. What supplemental training is provided?

Onsite training at $1,995 per day/session.

Q. Where is the training normally provided?

At client location or our training center in Chicago (whichever is more practical).

Q. Do you provide a high-level overview of user documentation?

User documentation is embedded throughout the application to respond to user questions as they arise. A PDF user guide is available to all users in the Help section of the application. This documentation includes all the "how-tos" of using InSite Messages.

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