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3. Security

3.1 Physical Security

Q. What policies and procedures are in place for physical security?

Our data center floor utilizes the latest VESDA smoke detection and FE-25 clean agent fire suppression for uninterrupted operation of non-affected equipment in the event of a fire. All off-site data storage is maintained in a specially-built Fire King DS-Series data safe, utilizing electronic and mechanical locking mechanisms. Additionally, biometric and employee specific pass codes are required to pass through all security checkpoints and all internal and external entry points utilize reinforced steel doors and door frames, safety glass, and walls. These access points are video recorded and archived for one year. Our data center is also wired with glass break sensors and visual and audible alarms to alert staff in the event of an external glass break.

3.2 Security Audits

Q. Does InSite conduct regular security audits?

Yes! InSite is security certified and our relationship with McAfee Secure, the world's largest website security certification service, allows us to offer customers free daily security scans as part of all of our on-demand applications.

Q. Is InSite hacker safe?

Yes! InSite is certified daily and our relationship with McAfee Secure, the world's largest website security certification service, allows us to offer customers free daily security scans as part of all our on-demand applications.

Q. Can I maintain an audit trail of access and changes?

Yes! You view a complete audit history of system access. You can log/track when the system was accessed, when a campaign message has been approved and released, when a campaign has been closed/deactivated along with tracking other user interaction such as revisions made to a message.

3.3 Secure Links

Q. Can I configure secure links to a message?

Yes! You can easily configure secure https:// message links through an easy-to-use link parameter feature.

Q. Can I assign user IDs and passwords to allow specific access to InSite?

Yes! System users access InSite using a customer number, username and password.

Q. Can I lock down the system after excessive failed login attempts?

Yes! After 3 unsuccessful login attempts system administrators and InSite are notified.

Q. Can I integrate InSite with active directory?

Yes! Although the message system must be installed on your server (not ours).

3.4 Secure Service

Q. Can the system support strong authentication?

Yes! Application access is achieved through unique customer numbers, and user-defined usernames and passwords.

Q. Provides secured client/server and backend communications?

Yes! InSite provides secured client/server and backend communications (SSL).

3.5 Privacy

Q. Does InSite sell or rent results, data, or lists including email addresses to outside parties?

No! Your data, contacts and campaign messages are your property, not ours. We do not sell, rent or market customer information.

Q. What is your Privacy Statement/Policy?

Please follow the privacy link on our website to see our privacy policy.

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