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7. Infrastructure

7.1 System Platform & Infrastructure

Q. What is InSite's infrastructure?

Intel XEON 10.0 GHz quad-processor; 40 GB RAM; Microsoft Windows Server 2008; Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0; Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0; Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Dedicated processor, memory, and bandwidth.

Multiple OC-3 Internet connections to national Internet backbones (AT&T and Qwest); local connectivity through BellSouth, KDL, and Adelphia, via high-speed SONET OC-48 connections; Cisco routing and switching equipment exclusively; firewalls implemented at the core router and internal network level; electrical power supplied by local utilities is fed to the data center via 3 separate power grids; electrical connections are backed up using multiple Liebert UPS battery backup systems in an N+1 configuration; internal atmospherics are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the temperature and humidity of the data center are providing an optimal environment; overall data center security using multiple levels of security including camera surveillance, key card access, biometric hand scanning, and 24x7x365 on-site personnel.

Q. Is InSite scalable?

Yes! InSite is highly scalable allowing for one-off or unique customized application extensions or simple, modular plug-ins to be added to your system. If you host the application on your own, you can customize InSite independently.

Q. Is InSite built on a standard, supported MSFT technology (e.g., .NET)?

Yes! InSite is built on .NET 2.0 technology.

Q. Does InSite back up data when application is active?

Yes! Automated nightly backups occur at 2:00AM EST.

Q. Does InSite store all data (messages/contacts) and pointers to messages that backups can successfully restore all data?

Yes! InSite maintains a 14-day rotation of daily backups.

Q. Can the product easily integrate with commercially available usage reporting/monitoring systems (WebTrends, etc.)?

Yes! For an additional monthly fee, InSite can enable IIS logs for your campaigns. As long as the external usage monitoring/reporting tool in question is capable of parsing IIS logs, then integration is easily done.

Q. Does InSite support business continuity and high-availability strategy (redundancy, fail-over, load balancing, etc.)?

Yes! RAID-5, Proactive site monitoring; 99.93% guaranteed uptime; 24x7 support staffed 100% by Microsoft Certified Engineers and Developers; Redundant daily backups.

If you require application and database redundancy and/or load-balancing across multiple servers, InSite does indeed have the infrastructure to provide these services (additional costs may apply).

7.2 Database

Q. What back-end database is used to compile message responses?

InSite uses SQL as the back-end database.

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