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Testing and Quality Assurance

A well-tested software system provides your organization with confidence in the data that is used to drive your business, ensuring that it performs as expected and according to your business requirements.

A high-quality management information system begins with an experienced group of knowledgeable professionals committed to providing exceptional business and requirements analysis, programming, database design, and release management services.

Our quality assurance process includes several layers of testing to ensure our products meet the high standards we set for them:

Business user acceptance testing
Code review and peer testing
Programmer unit and system testing
Automated unit testing

Here at InSite we take great pride in delivering the highest quality product and service to you, our valued customer. To this end, we have integrated into our system an comprehensive internal health monitoring and reporting subsystem.

For example, when you experience an unexpected error in our application, our system sends an urgent-priority email notification to our team of software designers and developers, and immediate attention is given to resolving whatever problem caused the error. Put simply: if you experience an error using our software, our programmers will be aware of the problem before you have time to compose an email message to report it to our support staff.

InSite follows a lightweight agile software development methodology, in which you (as our customer) play a leading role in helping to ensure that that your systems meets and exceed expectations.

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