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Product Overview

An Integrated Core HR Data Management Solution

InSite develops and delivers management information systems that allow you to connect, engage, and relate to your employees -- all in one place. Our solutions provide you with the tools to manage your business information efficiently and effectively, allowing you to monitor and manage long-term strategic goals as well as day-to-day operational activities.

In simplest terms, we give you the information you need to make decisions.

The Problem

Every organization has a human capital management system of some kind. This might include a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, a big brand-name Human Resource Information System (HRIS), an aging legacy payroll system, a library of Excel spreadsheets, or a massive filing cabinet filled with paper documents -- or some combination of these.

Yet the people in every organization struggle with the processes to manage the creation, application, and ongoing maintenance of core human resource data. These processes include career mapping, job design and evaluation, competency modeling, and position management/control. When these processes are not managed properly, the resulting data integrity problems create significant challenges for the organization:

  • Broken human capital management processes;
  • Broken operational processes (e.g., finance, purchasing, budgeting, contracting, health and safety, production planning, costing, scheduling, forecasting, maintenance management and user provisioning);
  • Business execution failures;
  • Lost business trust and confidence in HR and any data coming from HR;
  • Duplicate systems and data across the organization;
  • Increasingly out-of-control administrative costs to compensate for all the above.

InSite's core human resource information system helps your organization overcome these problems by establishing a program that leads to the development and management of core HR data to the quality standards necessary for the functions, systems, and people that depend on it.

The Solution

Core HR data can be organized into a taxonomy that begins with a structural backbone of career streams (commonly described as ladders) followed by levels, job families, then jobs and positions. On this structural backbone you have the specific functions, competencies, qualifications, and skills that define and guide the work for specific positions within your organization. The following diagram illustrates the framework into which core HR data fits within your human resource management system.

Why It Matters

If your core HR data is developed and managed consistently across your organization then you can establish one version of the truth and one system of record for all core HR data. Imagine the value this has for everyone and everything depending upon this information: attracting and hiring the right talent; developing and keeping the right talent; having the right talent at the right time, in the right place, with the right skills, and at the right price. Imagine the cost savings when you eliminate:
  • Unnecessary data clean up by HRIS and other system administrators;
  • Unnecessary reporting and report cleanup and validation;
  • Licensing fees for software system that are no longer be needed;
  • IT implementation and support costs of the systems that are no longer needed;
  • The consequences of poor, mis-informed business decisions.
Did You Know?
Best-in-class companies can typically analyze four times the amount of active business data with an integrated core HR data management system, and they are twice as likely to provide managers with access to relevant, meaningful data.

Core HR Data Management With InSite

The InSite Human Resource Information System (IHRIS) is designed to augment and integrate your company's existing HR technology platforms -– NOT replace them. Key areas of opportunity include career mapping and competency modeling. When we implement our software within your organization, the goal is to design, develop, integrate, and maintain a solution based upon the following guiding principles:

  • Flexible design to allow companies to scale by maturity and organizational readiness
  • Modularized for scalability
  • Simple, clean, and intuitive user-interface, architecture and code base
  • Standardized and simplified implementation methodology
  • Easy-to-integrate interface (designed to integrate with HRISs and Payroll systems)
  • Core HR data system of record (streams, levels, families, jobs, roles, competencies)
  • Modules are implemented in succession based on your business priorities, and tailored to be "stand-alone" or part of an integrated solution (this enables a manageable growth strategy and the ability to offer both comprehensive and point solutions depending on your needs and budgets

Key Features and Benefits

Manage and organize your employees and contractors
Create and email online surveys, reports, and newsletters
Manage information and documents about locations, departments, jobs, positions, competencies, qualifications, skills, work history, training and education, certification, and much (much) more
Access your information anytime from anywhere using your web browser or mobile device
Integrate with third-party office productivity tools and other enterprise systems
Secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly
Powerful, flexible, configurable, customizable, and scalable
Built and maintained using open commercially-supported standards

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