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Workforce Planning

An Integrated Core HR Data Management Solution

InSite develops and delivers management information systems that allow you to connect, engage, and relate to your employees -- all in one place. Our solutions provide you with the tools to manage your business information efficiently and effectively, allowing you to monitor and manage long-term strategic goals as well as day-to-day operational activities.

The InSite Human Resource Information System (IHRIS) includes a proposed workforce planning module designed to help cost-center managers, human resource managers, and finance managers more accurately and efficiently manage your organizational headcount and budget planning process.

Every year, Finance requires every business unit to submit its headcount plan and approximate budget. This is done in order to develop the company's budget forecast for the next business performance cycle (typically one year). Normally, this process is spreadsheet-driven, resulting in a number of difficult challenges: significant administrative overhead; inaccurate plans and budgets; security concerns with highly sensitive data; a lengthy and drawn-out process with documents moving back and forth between Finance, HR, and operational business units. After plans are approved by Finance they are often shelved and forgotten. Cost-center managers and HR have no accountability or support for ensuring that the business manages to its budgeted plans. This is surprising when one considers that a company's workforce is it's most expensive operational expense!

Our workforce planner is an effective solution to help companies overcome the challenges of planning and managing workforce demands. It helps decrease administrative costs, reduce the planning cycle time, optimize workforce utilization, and reduce the need for expensive contingent labour -- with more accurate, defensible, and secure workforce plans. It is comprised of three integrated components:
  1. An online workforce planning form for capturing, reviewing and approving a cost-center manager's annual workforce plans
  2. A demand management report to capture, review, and approve a cost-centre manager's monthly (off-cycle) workforce demand requirements
  3. A workforce plan: a dashboard for monitoring and analyzing actual and planned workforce information

The workforce and demand planning cycle is illustrated in the following diagram:

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