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Contact Management

Your Most Valuable Asset

Your customers are the most important people for your organization. The success of your business depends upon their loyalty and satisfaction with your products and services. Therefore, your primary goal is to meet the needs of your customers, and so the InSite Customer Information System is at the heart of every InSite solution.

The InSite Customer Information System encompasses and simplifies customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise feedback management (EFM). It enables a customer-focused business strategy, managing your interactions with current and future customers: organizing, automating, and synchronizing the efforts of your sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support staff. This cloud-based solution gives everyone within your organization an integrated approach to gathering, organizing, reporting, and sharing customer information.

Manage Your Contacts

  • Build and manage your own contact and distribution lists
  • Import contact information from spreadsheets and other systems
  • Define and manage relationships and connections between companies and contacts
  • Schedule appointments on your calendar to connect with customers
  • Connect InSite with your accounting system to create and update contact information
  • Search for companies and contacts names based on pronunciation (phonetic search, when you aren't sure how a name is spelled)
  • Identify contacts with invalid or undeliverable email addresses
  • Improve data quality by allowing InSite to check for duplicate records
  • Monitor timestamped change history on company and contact records
  • Send and receive email messages to and from customer contact persons
  • Validate mailing address information via Canadian postal code verification
  • Quickly find contacts with non-English names using case- and accent-insensitive search
  • Share contact information with Microsoft Outlook users
  • Update contact information from your LinkedIn connections
  • Locate contacts using integration with Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Export contact information to Microsoft Excel
  • Bulk update company and contact information fields
  • Access your contact information from your web browser or mobile device

Manage Your Activities

  • Track interactions with companies and contacts (phone calls, meetings, emails)
  • Manage sales opportunities, quotes, projects, and customer requests related to your customers
  • Capture the hours worked by your personnel on customer activities
  • Coordinate efforts between departments and offices
  • Plan and manage customer and employee attendance at meetings and events
  • Build and manage mailing lists targeted to specific customer groups
  • Monitor and report sales and customer value metrics

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