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Finance and Investment

How the Finance and Investment Industry Benefits from Customer Feedback Solutions and Data Management:

Banks, credit unions, and financial investment firms hold millions of dollars in assets and concern themselves with international transactions and large-scale investment management, whereas smaller, regional banks and credit unions tend to be focused on one geographical area and are primarily concerned with providing deposit and lending facilities. Our economy would not be able to function without these financial institutions. They provide liquidity and credit, transfer risk and facilitate millions of financial transactions daily. Retail banks and credit unions allow customers access to credit and home loans in addition to investments and deposits. Recent technological advances, such as online banking and ATMs, have changed the face of the retail banking industry. Banks and credit unions alike face strong competition for customers and feedback from their customer base is essential.

As an employer, the industry is responsible for more than two million people in North America alone with all the accompanying HR requirements for compensation, performance evaluation, and so on.

Customer feedback and data management systems in this industry:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Understand and measure customer satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve customer-directed programs.
Performance Measurement Measure performance of internal work groups and processes and measure performance directed to external markets, e.g. ISO compliance reporting.
Brand and Product Surveys Measure brand awareness/equity across audiences in different markets and gauge feedback on product features/benefits.
Employee Surveys Collect data for 360 surveys, peer reviews, compensation and benefits surveys, and employee pulse checks.

InSite's customer feedback software can be fully customized to the requirements of a particular institution. Surveys can give valuable feedback on customer satisfaction and can help banks to streamline and improve the services they offer to the consumer while also measuring brand awareness. With millions of employees spread around the country, the anytime, anywhere accessibility and mobile compatibility of InSite's systems are invaluable.

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