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How the automotive industry benefits from customer feedack and data management solutions:

The automotive industry has had its fair share of problems in recent years. Environmentally–conscious consumers are putting pressure on the industry to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrids, while the industry has had to grapple with a global recession in 2008 and a devastating natural disaster in Japan in the spring of 2011. The automotive industry employs over 3 million people in North America alone, the majority being dealers, either in parts or in the finished product. The industry is fiercely competitive, spending small fortunes on marketing.

To identify the latest consumer trends and find a niche in this competitive market, automobile manufacturers and designers must be able to analyze feedback from customers and dealers. The table below, for example, shows just some of the ways in which InSite's customer feedback solutions can benefit the automotive industry in terms of identifying customer requirements, reinforcing brand loyalty and managing communications.

Customer feedback solutions and data management in this industry:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Understand and measure customer satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve customer-directed programs.
Performance Measurement Surveys Measure performance of internal workgroups and processes and measure performance directed to external markets (e.g. ISO compliance reporting).
Brand and Product Awareness Surveys Measure brand awareness/equity across audiences in different markets and gauge feedback on product features/benefits.
Employee Surveys Collect data for 360 surveys, peer reviews, compensation and benefits surveys, and employee pulse checks.
Issues and Advocacy Surveys Used primarily by associations for member-based surveys including communications, advocacy, collective bargaining surveys etc.
Conference and Tradeshow Surveys Used for post conference/trade show follow-up and assessments.

Since automobile dealers must compete aggressively for customers, they need up-to-date knowledge and understanding of their potential customers' desires. For many people, buying a new car is as much an emotional decision as it is a practical one. InSite’s customer feedback solutions and data management software can be fully customized to allow your business easy access to customer feedback and allow you to measure brand awareness and loyalty.

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