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Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

How associations and non-profit organizations can benefit from customer feedback solutions and data management:

This industry category includes voluntary associations, sports associations, non-profit organizations, student and academic associations, trade associations, professional associations and political associations, to name but a few.

Your particular association may have different types of memberships: paid, non-paying, full-time, part-time, professional, quasi-professional, etc. There are likely to be specific benefits to membership and regular communication with your members is of key importance. Membership of a large association offers considerable bargaining power, among other benefits, and input from members, and members of affiliated associations, is often crucial.

Perhaps you need to send out regular emails or newsletters, or to survey your members or conduct an online poll. Some large associations may have thousands of members that are spread around the country or even the globe. In all likelihood you may also have affiliate memberships with other associations in a similar field; these too may be distributed nationally or internationally; all this combines to make an administrative workload that is huge and may seem overwhelming.

Customer feedback solutions and data management in this industry:

Member Surveys Understand and measure member satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve member-directed programs.
Issues and Advocacy Surveys Used primarily by associations for member-based surveys including communications, advocacy, collective bargaining surveys, etc.
Conference and Tradeshow Surveys Used for post conference/trade show follow-up and assessments.

InSite's customer feedback solutions can be fully customized for your particular association's needs. Surveys can give you valuable feedback on member satisfaction and help you to improve the benefits, services and programs offered to your members. Additionally, if your members are spread around the country, or internationally, then a system that is fully compatible with handheld devices and available anytime, anywhere, will be imperative.

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