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Events and Public Relations

We promote our brand family through various events and public relations initiatives.

Event Promotion

InSite is an active participant in community and business events throughout North America and Europe. We promote our brand by attending key industry events (in the capacity of exhibitor, presenter/speaker, or visitor) where there is representation from our target markets. Also we sponsor a number of events in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, and Washington DC.

If you would like to have InSite participate in your upcoming event as an exhibitor, presenter/speaker, or visitor, please contact our head office and ask to speak to our public relations coordinator.

Corporate Branding

The InSite Systems signature is currently a filed trademark and consists of the InSite logo set in Bodoni font, the InSite letters, and the company description "Systems", set in the The Sans Plain typeface below the InSite name.

The two lowercase "i"s in our logo represent two eyes looking "objectively from behind" and reinforce InSite's function, personality, and uniqueness. The consistent use of this signature will clearly identify and connect every division, product, and service from InSite around the globe. The extension of the InSite logotype can be adapted to additional products and services through the use of rich color while retaining the original font to ensure immediate brand recognition.


InSite supports many different charitable causes throughout Canada and the United States. If you would like more information about philanthropic activities, please contact our head office and ask to speak to our public relations coordinator.

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