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About Us

Who We Are

InSite Information Systems is a pioneer in the development of web-based business applications. Today there are an estimated 480,000 people working with solutions provided by InSite. Established in 1999, we have delivered management information systems to hundreds of customers worldwide, ranging from small non-profit associations in our own local communities to global enterprises like Nestlé, Disney, ABC News, LG Mobile Phones, Via Rail Canada, and others.

What We Do

InSite develops and delivers management information systems that allow you to connect, engage, and relate to your customers and your employees -- all in one place. Our solutions provide you with the tools to manage your business information efficiently and effectively, allowing you to monitor and manage long-term strategic goals as well as day-to-day operational activities.

In simplest terms, we give you the information you need to make decisions.

Everything You Need

The world’s best companies use InSite to get the most from their business.

Connect the Dots

InSite connects your people, your processes, and your information all in one place.

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