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Public Sector and Government

How the Public Sector and Government from Customer Feedback and Data Management:

The public sector generally deals with all public services, including: emergency services, health services, sanitation and public education, in addition to national or federal concerns such as defense and immigration. The public sector may also have responsibility for social services, transportation, environmental concerns, town planning and the provision of leisure and cultural services such as libraries, museums, and recreation centers or sports facilities.

The public service sector and governments: local, provincial, state or federal, are all answerable to taxpayers and therefore must endeavor to keep costs as low as possible while responding rapidly to emerging trends and providing essential services. Departments administered directly by government have no need to compete commercially with private businesses and all decisions are made by government; publically owned corporations, on the other hand, may have greater freedom in terms of decision-making and may find themselves operating competitively with the private sector while following government guidelines.

Government and the public sector is usually one of the largest employers and careers in government or public service are keenly sought after.

Customer feedback and data management in this industry:

Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys Understand and measure customer satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve stakeholder-directed programs.
Performance Measurement Surveys Measure performance of internal workgroups and processes and measure performance directed to external markets (e.g. ISO compliance reporting).
Brand and Product Surveys Measure brand awareness/equity across audiences in different markets and gauge feedback on product features/benefits.
Employee and HR Surveys Collect data for 360 surveys, peer reviews, compensation and benefits surveys, and employee pulse checks.
Issues and Advocacy Surveys Used primarily by associations for member-based surveys including communications, advocacy, collective bargaining surveys etc.

InSite's customer feedback and data management software can be fully customized for your organization's specific needs. Surveys can give you valuable feedback, enabling you to take the public pulse and improve the services and programs that your industry provides. At the same time, InSite Systems can help with all of HR requirements.

Contact us for more information on how our customer feedback software can benefit your public sector organization or government department.

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