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Management Team

InSite is a privately-held company with offices in Canada, United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Alan Roberts, President
Alan's knowledge and experience in multiple industries is extensive. His experience, combined with strong communication skills, a pragmatic approach to problem solving, and a deep understanding of the many challenges facing business today, have contributed to InSite's ongoing success in guiding, building, delivering solutions that transform the way organizations work with and share information. As a founding member of InSite Information Systems, Alan has applied more than 20 years of leadership, management, informatics, and IT experience to build one of Canada’s leading online business solutions companies. Alan holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Concordia University, an Executive MBA from McGill University, and Applied Web Technologies and Web Development certification from BCIT.
Charlie Moke, Regional Director Customer Strategy and Outreach
Charlie has over 20 years of people and project management experience serving in various positions as a strategist, facilitator and functional specialist. Charlie's combined experience gives him a well-rounded perspective on the rapidly changing world of business requirements and business solutions. As Regional Direct of Customer Strategy and Outreach, Charlie works closely with existing and potential customers identifying and creating opportunities where our systems, processes, and people can deliver added value, competitive advantage and measurable return on investment. Charlie's unparalleled energy in exceeding customer objectives makes him a valued member of the InSite team.
David Lowther, Operations Manager
David has over 30 years of experience working in the IT industry, filling roles that include programmer, systems analyst, senior development manager, and IT manager. He has a very strong understanding of the requirements, systems, business processes, and personnel required to deliver functional high-quality software systems. His knowledge and experience ensures that business focus and perspective is a key driver for all IT projects. David believes strongly in the power of small competent and empowered work teams to deliver best-of-breed solutions. His work experience includes organizations in municipal government, private practice (accounting and engineering), financial services, and energy sectors. His goal is to enable progressive organizations that want to leverage technology solutions to advance their business strategies. David has formal PMP training and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta.
Marsha McLarry, Finance Manager
Marsha has 18 years of experience working in various financial, administrative, and management roles. She is responsible for providing financial advice and support to enable organizations to make solid business decisions. Marsha has a keen understanding of the importance that financial considerations play in both long-term and short-term business strategy, and she strives to ensure that organizations fully understand the implications of their decisions — before and after those decisions are made. She has experience in many different organizations, including provincial government, transportation, professional services, not-for-profit associations, and information technology. Marsha holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Northern British Columbia.
Daniel Miller, Technology Manager
Daniel specializes in the architecture, design, and construction of cloud-based business solutions, with research interests that include component-based software development, product development process and methodology, and information architecture and data mining. He has hands-on experience with every aspect of the software project lifecycle, and customers value his ability to understand and appreciate their business needs, applying creativity and ingenuity to arrive at technology solutions that are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. Daniel has worked as a professional software systems expert for 20 years, building solutions for organizations all over the world. He holds a degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia, as well as formal developer certification from Microsoft.
Cheri Baumann, Human Resources Manager
Cheri has over 20 years of combined coaching and teaching experience, including classroom instruction, individual and group coaching, and interactive workshops. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Professional Development Program (PDP) certification from Simon Fraser University, a Teacher's Certificate from the BC Ministry of Education, and Train the Trainer certification from Peak Potentials.
Sorel Leinburd, General Counsel
Sorel's legal expertise is focused predominantly on four areas: corporate and commercial law, information technology law, intellectual property law, and commercial real estate. Communication is a key component to his delivery of cutting-edge and creative legal solutions, and his past work experience includes various international businesses. Sorel holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Manitoba, a Masters degree in Communication from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Law from the University of British Columbia.

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