Established in 1999, InSite is a pioneer in the development of web-based, cloud-computing business applications. InSite has delivered management information systems to hundreds of customers worldwide, ranging from small non-profit associations in our own local communities to global enterprises like Nestle, Disney, ABC News, and others.

We place great value on customer collaboration, careful planning, and management best practices. We employ an agile software development process that ensures customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable working software. To this end, we leverage the world's best development tools and application environments to create commercial-grade solutions for our customers, backed by partnerships with solid, reputable technology companies.

Our software developers are university graduates with computer science and software engineering degrees, holding a variety of industry and professional certifications.


Our expertise with Microsoft's development tools, office productivity tools, and database platforms is particularly extensive. For example, our knowledge and experience includes every version of SQL Server released since 1995, every version of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic released since 1993, every version of the C# programming language, and every version of the .NET Framework — which was first released for beta developer testing in 2000.

While we specialize in the design and development of web applications using the .NET Framework and SQL Server, we have many years of experience working with other tools and technologies, enabling our technical services team to assist with a wide range of implementation and integration issues.

Programming Languages:
C#, C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, Visual Basic

Windows Application Programming Interfaces:
.NET, Win32, COM

Internet Technologies:

Database Management Platforms:
SQL Server, mySQL, Access, Oracle

A Typical Programmer Toolbox at InSite

Software development efforts at InSite are supported by a wide range of programming tools. Some of these include:

Microsoft Visual Studio is our primary development environment.
ReSharper is a developer productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio that is used for code quality analysis and refactoring.
CodeSmith is a template-driven source code generator that automates the creation of common application source code. In the past ten years we have used CodeSmith to generate millions of lines of code, saving ourselves and our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
HttpWatch is an HTTP viewer and debugger that integrates with Internet Explorer to provide a variety of monitoring and analysis functions. It is invaluable for web application development.
Microsoft FxCop analyzes managed code assemblies and reports information such as possible design, localization, performance, and security improvements.
NCover is a code coverage platform that helps to identify untested code.
NDepend is a tool that is designed to identify and analyze source code dependencies. It simplifies the management of complex .NET code bases and it is used to analyze code structure, specify design rules, plan refactoring efforts, perform effective code reviews, and control product evolution.
NUnit is the unit-testing framework we use.
Red Gate SQL Compare compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas.
SourceGear Vault is the version control system we use.
Telerik is our primary source for components to build rich functionality into our applications.

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