Business Services: User Experience

Some of the best programmed and most expensive business applications never see the light of day because they are not well-received by the people who are intended to use them. Usability is critical to the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of the individuals for whom an information system is developed. In simplest terms, unusable software remains exactly that: unused.

We strive for business solutions that are as simple as possible (and no simpler!). Above all, our systems allow you to perform the functions for which they are designed — efficiently and effectively. "Function over form" is a good rule of thumb in software, but it is important to remember the importance of good form and design. These aspects to user experience are less tangible and less quantifiable, but no less beneficial to ensuring a positive experience for the people who use our software.

Here are just some of our tools and techniques to enhance and improve the usability of our systems:

Accepted User Interface Standards

InSite utilizes support for standard interface methods so that when a user selects a keystroke combination, or a key which has a specific business usage (Ctrl-C — Copy) , that this functionality is maintained through all of Insite business applications.

Common Consistent User Interface

Insite utilizes a common delivery standard for every level of its applications. Application functionality and capabilities are delivered via a common interface so that color schemes, systems menus, systems functionality, etc are all delivered in the same way throughout the business application.

Advanced Systems Controls

InSite utilizes advanced AJAX controls that eliminate web page postback and provide for a more ‘Windows’ like rich client user experience.

Systems Help Module

Implementing such features as built in and use configurable field level help, InSite provides solutions that enable our business customers to create and manage custom defined user Help solutions.

Security Management Module

This feature allows businesses to define unlimited business roles, and deliver the application functionality to the user based upon these roles. So the business user sees only the areas of the application that are applicable to the requirements of the role.

Usage Stats

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