Talent Management

Traditional human resource management (HRM) systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems focus primarily on transaction processing and the administration of basic human resource processes such as personnel administration, payroll, time management, and so on.

The InSite Human Resource Information System (IHRIS) is designed to provide more strategic assistance to your organization, helping you to achieve long-term strategic business goals. Our talent management solution is focused on helping you to attract, develop, and retain talent. This includes workforce planning, job design and evaluation, recruiting and on-boarding, learning and development, performance, compensation and rewards, career and succession management, and leadership development.

Manage Your Talents

  • Establish a centralized "record of truth" for employee and contractor information
  • Build and manage resume information for every member of your staff (e.g., employment history, education, qualifications and skills)
  • Track and report on training activities and certifications
  • Define occupational profiles and job descriptions
  • Manage job position fulfillment
  • Build reports and graphs to determine regulatory compliance in your industry
  • Import employee information from spreadsheets and other systems
  • Define and manage relationships and connections between departments and team members
  • Connect InSite with your accounting system to create and update employee information
  • Search for employee names based on pronunciation (phonetic search when you aren't sure how a name is spelled)
  • Identify employees with invalid or undeliverable email addresses
  • Improve data quality by allowing InSite to check for duplicate records
  • Monitor timestamped change history on employee records
  • Validate mailing address information via Canadian postal code verification
  • Export employee information to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word for mail merges
  • Access your contact information from your web browser or mobile device

Manage Your Activities

  • Track interactions with employees and contractors (phone calls, meetings, emails)
  • Capture the hours worked by your personnel on training and development activities
  • Coordinate efforts between departments and offices
  • Plan and manage employee attendance at meetings and training sessions
  • Build and manage mailing lists targetted to specific employee groups
  • Control access to sensitive data with permissions and passwords
  • Export and import employee information to and from external third-party systems
  • Monitor timestamped change history on employee records and training programs
  • Access your employee information from your web browser or mobile device

Usage Stats

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