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Learning Management

An Integrated Core HR Data Management Solution

InSite develops and delivers management information systems that allow you to connect, engage, and relate to your employees — all in one place. Our solutions provide you with the tools to manage your business information efficiently and effectively, allowing you to monitor and manage long-term strategic goals as well as day-to-day operational activities.

The InSite Human Resource Information System (IHRIS) includes a learning management solution that is used to administrate, document, track, report, and deliver training resources to the people who work within your organization. Our cloud-based solution facilitates easy access to learning content and administration. It is used by regulated industries for compliance training, tracking, and report — and it is used by educational institutions to enhance classroom teaching and to offer courses to a global population of learners. We integrate performance measurement features that encompass employee appraisals, competency management, skills-gap analysis, succession planning, and multi-rater assessments. Competency-based learning is a relatively modern technique, and our systems use this to identify learning gaps and to guide the selection of training materials.

Design Features

  • Develop online self-study (or instructor-led) training programs.
  • Create training resources to satisfy a full range of workforce development needs, including formal education courses, training guides, codes of practice, site-specific operating procedures, compliance requirements, and codes of practice.
  • Author and edit training content online with rich formatted text and multimedia.
  • Create and deliver online assessments, exams, tests and quizzes.
  • Author content in multiple languages.
  • Define and assign employee-based competencies, qualifications, knowledge, and skills that they are transferable across departments and companies.
  • Control the look and feel of your training programs.

Delivery Features

  • Deliver courses online, accessible from web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Create and deliver online tests, exams, quizzes, and assessments to evaluate knowledge transfer.
  • Notify employees before the expiration of time-sensitive training resources.
  • Schedule automated and personalized training and assessment notifications.
  • Build and publish training schedules.
  • Provide self-service training to your employees and contractors (e.g., self-registration on instructor-led training).
  • Access online learning resources from your web browser or mobile device.

Management Features

  • Manage and share information related to certifications, qualifications, and competencies.
  • Define certification eligibility and manage the application process for granting certification.
  • Support continuous professional education (CPE) initiatives.
  • Implement workflows tailored to your business (e.g., user notification, manager approval, wait-list management).

Reporting Features

  • Analyze the responses submitted on assessments, exams, tests, and quizzes measure knowledge transfer.
  • Track employee responses and completion status.
  • Link employee feedback to your organization's HR strategy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training materials.
  • Consolidate reporting on organizational training objectives and initiatives.

Administrative Features

  • Centralize the design, delivery, management, and administration of your training programs.
  • Build, manage, and administrate your training programs at individual, departmental, regional, and corporate levels.
  • Implement collaborative learning tools (e.g., application sharing, discussion threads).
  • Import content from third-party systems and providers using the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).
  • Manage training resources (e.g., instructors, facilities, equipment).
  • Coordinate efforts between departments and offices.
  • Track the history changes made to courses, quizzes, and other learning content.
  • Control access to sensitive data with permissions and passwords.
  • Monitor timestamped change history on employee records and training programs.

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