Workflow Management

The InSite workflow engine manages and executes modeled business processes. It interprets events (such as the submission of a document or the expiration of a time-sensitive database record) and acts on those events according to a defined procedure. The actions taken by the workflow engine might be anything from archiving a versioned copy the document to issuing an email notification to remind team members of an overdue action item. The InSite workflow engine facilitates the flow of information, action items, and application events.

The workflow engine itself has three main functions:

  1. Verify the current status of a business process or task
  2. Determine whether or not the current user has authorization to perform the task
  3. Execute a sequence of instructions

Automted process can be created and configured by your system administrators to manage the flow of new and updated information. Workflows help to automate communication between departments and team members. Examples of common workflows include notification of new information (e.g., a new company has been entered into your contact list), notification to accounting when an invoice is overdue, and alterting an employee when his or time-sensitive certification is approaching expiry.

Example Workflows

  • Submission of a request for technical certification based on competencies managed in the system
  • Notification to marketing when a survey response is received or a target quota is reached
  • Registration of a request to participate in a scheduled workshop or training session
  • Notification of new users, companies, contacts, and mailing lists
  • Notification to security staff when a brute-force login attempt is detected
  • Notification to office and system administrators when an end-user experiences an unexpected error

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