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Top Rated Contact Management Platform

Role-Based Security

Your Most Valuable Asset

Your customers are the most important people for your organization. The success of your business depends upon their loyalty and satisfaction with your products and services. Therefore, your primary goal is to meet the needs of your customers, and so the InSite Customer Information System is at the heart of every InSite solution.

The InSite Customer Information System encompasses and simplifies customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise feedback management (EFM). It enables a customer-focused business strategy, managing your interactions with current and future customers: organizing, automating, and synchronizing the efforts of your sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support staff. This cloud-based solution gives everyone within your organization an integrated approach to gathering, organizing, reporting, and sharing customer information.

Manage Your Users and Permissions

  • Secure your information with a powerful and flexible security model that is easy to use and simple to configure
  • Ensure that unauthorized users do not gain access to privileged information within your organization
  • Assign login credentials to your customers, vendors, and employees
  • Monitor user login and session history
  • View and audit the time-stamped change history for records in your database
  • Build and manage roles for specific functions, and assign roles to users
  • Define and document the permissions to perform access features and perform functions
  • Grant or deny permissions to the roles you have defined
  • Monitor access to secure areas of your system
  • Report and compare permissions assigned to multiple roles and/or users
  • Grant or deny access to specific modules based on user IP address
  • Monitor failed login attempts and block brute-force login attempts
  • Generate reports on security modules, security capabilities, role membership, and permission assignment

Usage Stats

Industry's best companies use INSITE to get the most from their business.