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Email Marketing and Communication

Transforming the Way Companies Stay Connected with Their Customers and Markets

InSite Messages is designed for companies and organizations looking for a more efficient way to run email marketing campaigns and communicate with their customers. Our cost-effective and user-friendly message system is designed for communication specialists looking to create and send high-quality online newsletters, bulletins, and messages and analyze and report campaign results quickly and easily.

The Email Campaign System You've Been Looking For is Here

  • Design and deliver email marketing campaigns in minutes — not days or weeks
  • Tap into real-time information on your campaign anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule and send thousands of email messages, bulletins, or e-newsletters in minutes
  • Analyze campaign results instantly

The Results You Want

Email marketing campaigns are a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected to your customers and a proven way to increase awareness and sales. Email newsletters are a quick, practical, and measurable way to optimize customer communications and marketing.

  • Expand your reach and contact frequency
  • Streamline your communications process
  • Respond faster
  • Obtain feedback instantly

InSite Messages

For companies and organizations looking for an efficient way to communicate with their markets, InSite Messages is a cost-effective and user-friendly email campaign system designed to create and dispatch high-caliber e-newsletters and messages, and to analyze and report campaign results quickly and easily.

Unlike software that requires downloading, installation, and ongoing maintenance, InSite Messages is an on-demand and worry-free Internet application that provides you with cutting-edge features and functions to manage the entire email campaign process. All you need to access InSite is an Internet connection, a user ID, and a password and your message system is ready to provide you with a world of benefits, 24/7.

Whether you need to communicate with customers, employees or announce events or new products, InSite lets you tap into real-time communication quickly and easily. Regardless of the size of your organization, or the sector in which you operate, InSite lets you communicate with your customers and connect to your market in a whole new way.

Our award-winning interface lets you quickly and easily manage every aspect of your online email marketing campaign. Whether you need to add or edit text, set up a list of contacts, track delivery rates, or generate real-time reports, you are no more than a click away.

The Control Panel

The layout of Control Panel consists of 4 interrelated modules that follow the entire email campaign workflow process. From start to finish you can create and dispatch high-caliber e-newsletters, and analyze and report results of your campaigns from a user-friendly interface.

The 4 modules in the CONTROL PANEL include:

  1. The CONTENT MANAGER — where you can save, search, and access all the content produced for your e-newsletters messages and email campaigns.
  2. The MESSAGE MANAGER — where you can create, search and edit messages for your email campaigns, and set the time and date to distribute your campaigns.
  3. The CONTACT MANAGER — where you can import, save, and search contacts and distribution lists. You can manage every aspect of your contact database, identify which contacts are subscribed to which lists, and export lists based on contact data you specify.
  4. The REPORT MANAGER — where you analyze your campaign results through real-time analysis and reporting tools. Track delivery and bounce-backs, click-through rates and understand the effectiveness of your campaigns instantly.


Types of Messages

We have outlined five simplified message categories below that are commonly used by the world's top-performing companies to get the most out of their markets and customers.

Customer Newsletters & Bulletins:

E-newsletters and bulletins are a great way to connect with customers on new programs, products, services and to communicate other important information about your organization.

Employee Newsletters & Bulletins:

Connect with employees on new programs, products or services and communicate other important information about what is going on in your organization.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to market new programs, products or services and to communicate other important information to your customers.

Event Notifications & Announcements:

Email event notifications and announcements to your customers and prospects, track RSVPs and ensure all your events are a success.

Press & Media Releases:

Design and dispatch professional press releases with the click of a button to all your media contacts.

Usage Stats

Industry's best companies use INSITE to get the most from their business.