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How the Airline Industry Benefits from Customer Feedback and Data Management:

The airline industry is both capital and labor intensive. Acquiring new aircraft and employing the qualified air and ground crew to fly and service them costs airlines billions of dollars a year. Rapidly changing economic cycles, tight margins and ever escalating fuel prices have had a major impact on the industry. In the last decade four major airlines in the US alone have gone into receivership. Even so there are 19 major air carriers, not to mention more than 60 smaller, regional carriers. Competition for market share is keen.

As airlines compete for customers and struggle to remain profitable, Customer Feedback and Data Management becomes invaluable. Airlines use a number of incentives to encourage return business: frequent flyer programs, upgrades, fewer baggage restrictions in business and first class, airport lounges, etc. Many major carriers already use customer feedback and data management solutions to manage customer relations; a comprehensive customer feedback program can do far more than simply track frequent flyer miles. Customer feedback analytics can give a cutting edge to airlines that are constantly fighting to minimize costs and maximize customers. The table below, for example, shows just some of the ways InSite Systems’ suite of applications can benefit the airline industry in terms of customer relations, and brand awareness as well as in measuring performance relative to external markets.

Customer feedback and data management in this industry:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Understand and measure customer satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve customer-directed programs.
Performance Measurement Surveys Measure performance of internal workgroups and processes and measure performance directed to external markets (e.g. ISO compliance reporting).
Brand and Product Surveys Measure brand awareness/equity across audiences in different markets and gauge feedback on product features/benefits.
Employee and HR Surveys Collect data for 360 surveys, peer reviews, compensation and benefits surveys, and employee pulse checks.
Issues and Advocacy Surveys Used primarily by associations for member-based surveys including communications, advocacy, collective bargaining surveys etc.

Airlines need to recognize their customers’ travel patterns, address their requirements (in-seat chargers for mobile devices, free WiFi access in departure lounges, individually-controlled entertainment systems to name but a few) and maintain their personal data to simplify and shorten check-in times and expedite security clearance. To understand the ROI on new initiatives and analyze feedback from frequent flyers, a comprehensive Customer Feedback and Data management system is needed.

InSite's applications allow airline executives to instantly respond to customer and employee feedback while offering an integrated approach to gathering, reporting and sharing information.

Contact us for more information on how our customer feedback software can help your airline attract and maintain high-value customers.

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