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How the Publishing Industry Benefits from Customer Feedback and Data Management:

Publishing, in the 21st century, is an industry facing many challenges such as: dynamic market conditions, strong competition from other publishing companies and the impact of technological advances due to the advent of e-books and other electronic resources. While publishers historically published books, newspapers and magazines, the industry has recently expanded to include non-print media. Other technological advances include Espresso Book Machines that can produce on-demand printing for books, collating, binding and covering a book in just a few minutes. This allows customers to immediately access "out-of-stock" books and eliminates the need for warehousing and shipping, resulting in a significantly reduced environmental impact.

The publishing industry encompasses all stages of publishing from acquiring manuscripts, through editing, graphic design and printing, to marketing and distribution. Some publishing companies act as contractors, subcontracting different parts of the process, proofreading, illustrations, design, etc. to other agencies or to freelancers. As such, a publishing house may have many people working remotely and will need access to fast and reliable communications with, and feedback from, other team members.

Customer feedback and data management in this industry:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Understand and measure customer satisfaction for products and services, and identify ways to improve customer-directed programs.
Performance Measurement Surveys Measure performance of internal work groups and processes and measure performance directed to external markets, e.g. ISO compliance reporting.
Brand and Product Surveys Measure brand awareness/equity across audiences in different markets and gauge feedback on product features/benefits.
Employee and HR Surveys Collect data for: 360 surveys, peer reviews, compensation and benefits surveys, and employee pulse checks.
Conference and Tradeshow Surveys Used for post conference/trade show follow-up and assessments.

InSite's customer feedback and data management software can be fully customized for your industry’s needs. InSite System’s suite of applications can help by measuring customer satisfaction, brand awareness and employee performance. Additionally, CDM can facilitate communications with customers and subcontractors or freelance workers.

Contact us for more information on how our customer data management solutions can benefit your publishing enterprise.

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